Obsession with Korean food?

Why yes…. YES I DO.

Welcome to Ana Yokota’s Korean Food page, where you will find delicious and easy recipes, fun tips & tricks, and helpful reviews on all things Korean food. To say that I love Korean food seems to be an understatement. It is my passion to combine the rich flavors of Korean food right to your table. However, it can be challenging because many Korean recipes are based off of “taste and feel” rather than specific measurements, which can be quiet confusing and intimidating.

So, to bridge the gap and spread the love of Korean cooking, I’ve tested and perfected my recipes and created easy step by step directions to make it more achievable for those who want to learn Korean food cooking. I hope you give them a try and discover the goodness of Korean food!


Rice Rice Baby.

Rice is a staple in Korean culture and I’m here to show you how versatile it can be. If you’ve been looking for an easy side dish, a tasty breakfast or just something new to try with your leftovers, then look no further! I have many different rice recipes to share with you. These include recipes from spicy fried rice to fun Korean triangle kimbap. There are also some healthier options like yubuchobap, which have all the benefits of protein without the gluten. You’ll never get bored of eating rice again!


I am a meat lover’s best friend

Meat lovers rejoice! I have an entire section of my blog dedicated to recipes for the carnivores among us. From spicy pork bulgogi, to Chinese inspired Korean fried chicken, I provide delicious ways for people who love meat to get their fix without breaking the bank. It seems that there are plenty of our favorite dishes available with non-meat alternatives, so veggie fans don’t have to miss out on the good stuff!


Korean side dish recipes for all your banchan needs.

Korean food has long been known as a way to balance out the heavy flavors of dishes with light, refreshing bites. This section is a guide that provides a variety of different recipes for those who want to learn more about banchan (Korean side dishes). You’ll find recipes dedicated entirely to traditional to modern banchan, such as Korean pickled daikon and Korean fish cake stir fry to yellow danmuji with turmeric. Join the table (subscribe), so you don’t miss out on the next recipe.


Warm and even refreshing with a little bit of everything in between.

Here is an entire section just for Korean soups and stew recipes. Known as “tang” or “jjigae”, these dishes are often served with most Korean traditional meals. These soups are easy to make, healthy, and delicious! A super popular dish is gamjatang which is a spicy pork bone soup that originated from Korea but has become very popular throughout the world over time. This recipe includes ingredients such as gochujang (a red chili paste), soy sauce, sugar, garlic cloves, napa cabbage, mushrooms, green onions and poke neck bones- all of which can be found at your local Asian grocery store!

What makes many of these dishes extra special is that they are quick enough to cook on a weeknight but also so good that it would be worth making them on the weekend too!

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