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Welcome to Ana Yokota’s Lifestyle page. The topic of lifestyle can reflect so many facets depending on culture, age, and era. 

Regardless of demographic, my hope is to reflect practical and meaningful ways from the everyday to the special occasions life brings you. 


In our DIY era, we have become more in tuned with our capacity to create, explore, and discover new crafts. In this DIY section, it is not just “Do It Yourself,” but also opportunities for “Do It Together” ideas. 

May these practical and meaningful creations spark inspiration in your home. 


Life is a blessing. Life is a party. Life is worth celebrating.

Life is full of beautiful moments we get to create and cherish together. From Funny Christmas Card Messages to Teacher Appreciation Quotes to Hilarious Korean Memes, join me in curating an ongoing pool of holiday and event ideas from my adventure to yours!


Lead by example.

Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” -John C. Maxwell


The power of prayer points has continued to be a pillar in my marriage, family, friends, and personal walk in my faith. Prayer gives access to the Father, breaks down strongholds, and makes way for breakthrough in our lives. 

My hope is that this section will be a platform where people may find encouragement and practical steps to include the wonders of His grace, love, and joy.  

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