love relationship affirmations
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We are strong because of love. Love is more than just the willingness to have a deep affection for someone. It is the reason for so many purposes in our lives. Declare these affirmations on love today!

love relationship affirmations

We marry because we love. We believe in God because He loves. We do things that are uncomfortable for the one we love. Love is the ultimate motivator, healer, and gift on so many levels. 

Yet, many times, we don’t express our love enough. Affirming the ones that mean the most to us is a beautiful and powerful way of sharing our hearts. Nowadays, the message of love can be shared through so many different vehicles – such as: cards, text messages, phone calls, video, social media, and so much more. 

Everyone loves to be reminded that they are loved. Why not affirm your husband or wife that you love them? Tomorrow is never promised. The perfect time is now because you can never tell a person you love them too much. 

Just as important, it is very important to love yourself. What good is it to love someone if you have no love to give? Self-affirmation has been an extremely effective tool in therapy to help patients suffering from anxiety and depression (SOURCE). I’ve included a section for self love affirmations but encourage you to check out my post on Good Morning Affirmations you can declare over your life every day. 



Attracting love in your life is as simple as first loving yourself. Declare these positive affirmations for self love and watch your confidence grow. Confidence mixed with humility is not only attractive but very sexy. 

daily love affirmations
  • I operate from a place of love and not fear. 
  • I am powerful and worth being loved.
  • I love who I am because I was created for a purpose.
  • I am chosen and not forgotten.
  • Jesus loves me.
  • There is a powerful plan for my life and I choose to believe in myself. 
  • I am beautiful and embrace every part of my body. 
  • God has called me for such a time as this to have hope in my loving destiny. 
  • I am not alone because I am loved by so many people. 
  • I am compassionate and kind because I am not afraid to love myself. 
  • I am confident and believe in my potential. 
  • I radiate positivity and hope all around me. 
  • My dreams are worth being pursued. 
  • I am learning great things about my life everyday and it will not be wasted. 


Love messages for your soulmate is an impactful way of encouraging and uplifting your partner. These positive affirmations about love are designed to show the courage, confidence, and love you have for your partner. 

  • I love that you lead so well. 
  • You are brave and an answer to my prayers. 
  • I love the way that you love me so well. 
  • You love me into the woman I am today and I am incredibly grateful. 
  • I love you, just the way you are. 
  • I attract healthy and loving relationships all around me. 
  • I respect the man of God you have been called to live. 
  • Jesus loves you beyond your wildest dreams. 
positive affirmations for relationships
  • You are an answer to generations of prayers and I am so in love with you. 
  • I have proof that God loves me because He gave me you. 
  • Your dreams are loved and I believe in you. 
  • You are strong and incredibly loved. 
  • Thank you for loving me so well. 
  • I love you more today than the day before. 
  • I love how you love your friends and family so well. 
  • You fulfill me. 
  • You are a powerful leader in our family. 
  • I rejoice in God because He has been so faithful in my life by giving me you. 
  • You are courageous and loving. I know I am safe with you. 


Positive affirmations for love is an ongoing effort and journey through marriage. “I do,” are words that are a daily choice. To say “I do,” also means, “I love you and will choose you.” As mentioned before, you can never say, “I love you,” enough — especially to your forever partner in life. Pick up your phone and send your boo positive affirmations for love today!

  • I will always choose you first. 
  • Our marriage is fruitful and valuable because we choose to learn how to love each other more each day. 
  • We have the best marriage in the world. 
  • God has blessed our union and will continue to use us powerfully as an influencer to others. 
  • We can do anything together because teamwork makes the dream work. 
  • We have the best sex life. 
  • Our sex life is satisfying becuase our love for each other is strong and pure. 
  • We have a fruitful marriage because we choose to put God first in everything that we do. 
  • God will bless us with beautiful children because we are trusted. 
  • We will be great parents to our children. 
  • We love our children well and they will use our marriage as a healthy example of a Godly marriage. 
  • Since we know how to celebrate each other’s diversity, we are the perfect union. 
  • I celebrate our differences and embrace your wonderful strengths that you bring into our marriage. 
  • We are great communicators and graceful in our differences.
  • Our marriage is successful because we love doing life together.
  • We have more than enough in our marriage because of God’s abundance in our lives. 
marriage is beautiful god's love
  • Our marriage is a beautiful reflection of God’s heart. 
  • We will bear great fruit in our marriage because we trust each other completely. 
  • I trust in my partner’s love for me. 
  • We have a satisfying and fulfilling love life. 
  • Our love is strong and is growing each and every day. 
  • I support my partner in his/her dreams because they are part of who he/she is. 
  • I declare affirmations about love over our relationship will never fade. 


Love affirmations to attract a specific person is not a magical spell; it is a mindset that starts within. You attract who you are on the inside. Speak these affirmations for love over your life to remind yourself that you are worth being loved.

  • I am worthy to be pursued. 
  • I am a great catch. 
  • I was made to be loved. 
  • My heart is open to love and I am not afraid of rejection. 
  • I am ready to receive love and trust in God’s perfect timing. 
  • I declare for my perfect match whom I can love and settle down with. 
  • Happiness is in my future because I am loved by God. 
  • I am blessed and believe in my promise for a Godly partner. 
  • I attract quality people in my life because I am a quality person. 
  • People love being with me because I am a safe person. 
  • I trust God’s purpose over my life; especially, when it comes to my spouse. 
letting go of fear
  • I let go of my past failures and hope for success because I am worth it. 
  • I have the power to choose love and trust that God has the best in store for me. 
  • I am attractive and deserve the best in life. 
  • I am beautiful because I am able to recognize true beauty in others.
  • I am not defined by being single; rather I am defined by God’s truth over my life.
  • I am more than enough and I will be a wonderful partner to someone someday.
  • I speak over my mind positive affirmations to attract love. 
  • Gratitude is a culture within me that will attract the love of my life to me. 
  • I am worth being trusted by my future soulmate. 

Whether you are declaring love affirmations for a specific person or breakthrough affirmations, positive messages are easy to create when you are operating out of hope. For more affirmations, please check out my post on money affirmations

I hope that these words have inspired you. What other types of affirmations would you like to see next? 

How do you share your affirmations of love? Would love to hear them in the comments. 

You are loved.

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