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Welcome to my Relationship page where you will discover inspirations on how to develop, nurture, and explore your relationships. From dating, to marriage, to family and motherhood, I hope this empowers you to grow in what you hold most dear – relationships. 


Call me a hopeless romantic or an optimistic heart, I love being in LOVE! 

But love takes effort, time, and commitment. Here you will find topics such as marriage goals, different perspectives, challenging questions, and creative ways to share beautiful memories with your special someone.  

As I journey through my own marriage and learn from other veterans, my hope is to wonder, grow, and inspire this priceless gift of marriage with you. 


Dating doesn’t end when you get married. It is an ongoing pursuit of the ones you love. 

In this dating section, you will find tips and tricks on how to spark a conversation with a date. Along with date night ideas, fun and flirty messages, and dating goals, explore new ways to spend special moments with your favorite people. 

Date your wife,
Date your daughter,
Date your son,
Date because it is beautiful, romantic, and fun. 

-Ana Yokota


Dear past, thank you for the lessons.
Dear Future, I’m ready.

Remember that beautiful flower was once a tiny seed dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggled to reach the light. Don’t. Give. Up. Keep growing. – Unknown

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