I’m Ana Yokota.

I’m a wife, creator, and foodie

About Me

I was born in Seattle, Washington in 1986, and grew up as a missionary’s daughter traveling all over the world. Growing up constantly moving, I had my fair share of pivots and turns along the road not to mention failures. To start, I failed gloriously during my first year of college and realized that I needed to discover who I am and what I wanted to do with my life before committing to anything else. So, I dropped out of college and pioneered the world by first attending leadership development school where I not only gained clarity on what I wanted but also gained life-long friends. It wasn’t soon after I launched my career in technology in Northern California, I immersed myself in hardware and software development. By 2009, (and by some miracle), I was recruited to join a team of experts to co-found a life coaching program now widely known as Dream culture. Two years later, I took another sharp left turn and moved to South Korea embracing my heritage, joined an entertainment company managing global artists in music and film. In December of 2013, I decided to move back to the States, take a sabbatical, and finish what I started – college. After graduating from the University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business, I moved to Irvine, California as a project manager for an incubator company where I quickly transitioned into assisting in projects for their orthopedics portfolio specializing in the spine. Thinking this was finally my career path, little did I know that the true purpose of my move to the Golden State was to meet the love of my life — the Japanese-American, sports fanatic, food loving, man of my dreams — Ken Yokota. 


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