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I was born in Seattle, Washington in 1986, and grew up as a missionary’s daughter traveling all over the world. Growing up constantly moving, I had my fair share of pivots and turns along the road not to mention failures. To start, I failed gloriously during my first year of college and realized that I needed to discover who I am and what I wanted to do with my life before committing to anything else. So, I dropped out of college and pioneered the world by first attending leadership development school where I not only gained clarity on what I wanted but also gained life-long friends. It wasn’t soon after I launched my career in technology in Northern California, I immersed myself in hardware and software development. By 2009, (and by some miracle), I was recruited to join a team of experts to co-found a life coaching program now widely known as Dream culture. Two years later, I took another sharp left turn and moved to South Korea embracing my heritage, joined an entertainment company managing global artists in music and film. In December of 2013, I decided to move back to the States, take a sabbatical, and finish what I started – college. After graduating from the University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business, I moved to Irvine, California as a project manager for an incubator company where I quickly transitioned into assisting in projects for their orthopedics portfolio specializing in the spine. Thinking this was finally my career path, little did I know that the true purpose of my move to the Golden State was to meet the love of my life — the Japanese-American, sports fanatic, food loving, man of my dreams — Ken Yokota. 

"God specializes in comebacks."

Ana Yokota, Professional Never-Giver-Upper

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Now when people see my resume or just listen to the first two minutes of my story, I receive one of two responses, “You really didn’t know what you wanted,” or “You gained so much experience in such a short amount of time!” Admittedly, it was a little bit of both. I learned that God specializes in comebacks time and time again. Nevertheless, my pivots and turns allowed me to discover, experience, and grow from these priceless lessons, from which I continue to partner with people and businesses today.

Helping people has always been a huge passion of mine. The influence I received from my past as well as my parents living a life wholly devoted to serving people allowed me to recognize that I, too, wanted to give back. With the support of my husband and the championing of my friends, I launched a platform that would help me fulfill my dream – Ana Yokota dot com.

Weaved throughout my blog, my hope is that you can learn more about me as there is so much more to share.

Hope says, "One more time."


GH Kim Photography

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Our Love Story

From Mr. Yokota's Perspective

GH Kim Photography

GH Kim Photography

It was a no brainer to “like” Ana’s profile. Her photos showed off her dazzling smile and her profile included the phrase, “Jesus is my core.” There were other things on there too but that one phrase is what stuck out to me and got me to pursue her. What I wasn’t expecting was for her to “like” me back. 

One of many things I appreciated about Ana was her ability to initiate insightful questions. It didn’t take long for us to find out that our non-negotiables were the same. We both wanted our partner to have a strong relationship with Jesus, we both wanted our partner to be generous, and we both wanted our partner to love food. Once she revealed that she likes to watch sports, it was all systems go for me and I didn’t hesitate to ask her to be my girlfriend. I knew that our first act as a couple should be prayer. We held hands and I prayed over my first relationship ever. I prayed for blessing, guidance, wisdom, growing in Christ daily, and other essential ingredients I felt were necessary for a successful relationship.

Then came Ana’s turn to pray. Best. Prayer. Ever. Poetic, genuine, powerful, gentle, game-changing, life-giving. Then came the punch line: “I pray for Ken’s future wife… even if it’s not me.” My soul shook. I lost focus momentarily. “Did she really say that?” It was in that moment that I knew I had to court her with all that I had. We were only 4 dates in but it didn’t matter. I knew I wanted to pursue a woman that could pray that prayer.

I love that I get to do devotionals every day with her. I love that she challenges me and encourages me to spend more time with our Savior. I love that we constantly reflect on how GOOD GOD IS! How could I not believe in miracles after He introduced me to the love of my life? Why would I not place my trust in a Father that chases after me in my lows and rejoices with me in the highs? Every day has been a blessing with Ana and I can’t wait to see how God uses our marriage in the future.

From Mrs. Yokota's Perspective

GH Kim Photography

GH Kim Photography

My very first relationship gloriously didn’t work out. The delusion and pain inflicted upon my tender heart was too much for me to see any hope that I would find “the one” so soon – let alone one year later. Though I knew God was good and held onto truths that mended my heart, I was afraid that one relationship stole too much from me…until…

It was the gentle whisper of God’s irrevocable truths from quiet times, which helped me take a step of faith everyday knowing that my story is not over yet. It was the rejuvenating reminder from friends that I am never alone, which helped me take a step of hope everyday knowing that he’s out there still. It was the fierce love from family, which helped me take a step of courage everyday to never stop believing in God’s promises.

We met online (Coffee Meets Bagel – it actually works!…be open ladies, not all guys are weirdos – don’t judge a book by its cover. And guys, sometimes girls are just as scared and need a little more time. But I digress…). Ken pursued me chivalrously and passionately. He was persistent and romanced me in ways that still makes me blush thinking about it. 

Not too much later (cough cough, like 2 months later), we said the three magical words. Well, he said it first; and then after about 2 weeks of me freaking out, I said it back to him. 

After a 4 month engagement, we said our vows on February 19, 2020 and every day since.


GH Kim Photography

GH Kim Photography