popular korean boy names 2020


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Discover popular and unique Korean boy names whether it is for your new bundle of joy or for a friend. Learn what they mean and how to spell it in Korean and English. 

popular korean boy names 2020

Naming your son is not only special but can be challenging when trying to find that perfect boy name. A name represents a person in such powerful ways because every time you call out that name, you are declaring that person’s identity. For example, Grace, Daniel, Selah, and Josiah are all names that have Biblical meaning where parents hope their child will have their respective Christian characteristics. 

It makes sense that so many cultures name their children with special meanings because that is what they hope their child will represent. Moreover, it will come at no surprise that people judge a person upon hearing their name. 

I believe that south korean male names are powerful and very unique because the language has evolved so much over the years. Names from older generations tend to be mostly derived from Hanja (Chinese characters); whereas names from new generations tend to be more modern and inspired by the Korean written language. Both styles are very popular because each character can have a much deeper and artistic meaning. For example, my Korean name, 주혜 (Joohae), is much more modern (not a Chinese character) as it is two abbreviations from the sentence, “님의 은,” combined to make one name. The 주 (Joo) is short for 주님 (Joonim), which is the word for Lord; and 혜 (Hae) is short for 은혜 (eunhae), which is the word for grace. Put them both together and you get my Korean name, 주혜

Korean names are traditionally made up of two or three syllables. The first syllable is always the person’s surname (family name) and the next one or two syllables is the given name (first name). Unlike English names, it is also very important to note that depending on how it is spelled, (much like Chinese derived names) it can mean many different things. 

Fun fact: Traditionally, many Koreans with multiple children would name their kids with one syllable that is the same for each child and then a unique syllable to differentiate the name. The purpose behind this tradition is to help identify one’s lineage (or clan). This is called, “dollimja.” For example, my dad has two brothers and all of their names start with the syllable, “Han,” but their second syllable to their given names are all different, “Han-Hok, Han-Hyuk, and Han-Bae.” Many still practice this tradition not so much to identify the lineage but simply out of symbolizing familial bond. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Korean language translations, one of my favorite tools is the online dictionary. My personal favorites are from Naver and Google.

Whether you are seeking powerful Korean male names inspired by traditional Chinese characters or hot Korean boy names that have a more modern flare, I’ve gathered meaningful boy names that have been trending over the years. 


(with Korean boy names and meanings)

B – Korean Boy Names

  • 배 Bae: Means Inspiration
  • 백현 Baek Hyeon: Baek means older brother; Hyeon means virtuous or worthy
  • 비 Bi: Means rain
  • 비트 가람 Bitgaram: Means light river
  • 보선 Bo-seon: Means Charitable, kind, virtuous, or good
  • 봉주 Bong-ju: Means post, pillar or support 
  • 범석 Beom-seok: Means pattern, rule, or model; Seok means like a rock or pattern of a rock
  • 병철 Byeong-cheol: Means sagacious or wise 
  • 병호 Byeong-ho: Byeong means bright; Ho means great
  • 병수 Byeong-su: Means conserve, guard, protect, defend 
  • 봉 Bong: Means phoenix or mythical bird
  • 봉화 Bong-Hwa: Means one who is glorious.


  • 창민 Chang-min: Chang means sunlight; Min means jade
  • 친해 Chin-hae: Means ocean depth, or truth
  • 친화 Chin-hwa: Means the wealthiest and most prosperous of all
  • 친매 Chin-mae: Means a truthful person 
  • 철 Chul: Means iron
  • 철무 Chul-Moo: Means the weapon of iron
  • 천등 Chun-Deung: Means thunder
  • 청애 Chung Ae: Means love and noble
  • 정희 Chung-hee: Chung means righteous; Hee means dutiful
  • 청호 Chung-ho: Means a righteous lake 
  • 초 Cho: Means handsome


  • 다 Da: Means to attain
  • 대 Dae: Means the great one, shining 
  • 대정 Dae-jung: Dae means big; Jung means middle
  • 대호 Dae-ho: Means a great personality, great
  • 대정 Dae-jung: Means honest, great and righteous 
  • 대성 Dae-seong: Dae means loud sound; Seong means grand reputation
  • 대심 Dae-shim: Means greatest mind
  • 대연 Dae-yun: Dae means honour; Yun means great 
  • 도 Doh: Means accomplishment 
  • 도현 Do Hyun: Do means path; Hyun means virtuous, able 
  • 도윤 Do Yoon: Do means path; Yoon means allow or consent
  • 동 Dong: Means East
  • 동현 Dong-hyun: Dong means east; Hyun means virtuous
  • 동진 Dong-jin: Means eastern dragon 
  • 동민 Dong-Min: Dong means east; Min means cleverness
  • 동선 Dong-Sun: Means goodness of the east
  • 동율 Dong-Yul: Means one having the passion of the east.
  • 동우 Dong-Wu: Dong means east; Wu means rain
  • 뒤호Du-ho: Du means head; Ho means goodness 


  • 은 Eun: Means kindness


  • 강인 Gang-in: Gang means strong; In means compassionate
  • 건 Geon: Means to construct, strong or respect 
  • 건우 Geon-wu: Means builds a house
  • 기 Gi: Means brave or foundation
  • 기범 Gibeom: Gi means rises above boundaries; Beom means consolidates rules 
  • 국 Gook: Means nation 


  • 하준 Ha Joon: Ha means summer, talented: Joon means handsome
  • 혜 Hae: Means wisdom 
  • 혜성 Hae-sung: Means comet
  • 학근 Hak-kun: Means rooted in intelligence 
  • 한을 Haneul: Means heavenly
  • 한결 Han-gyeol: Means uniformity
  • 히 Hee: Means brightness 
  • 힘찬 Him-chan: Means strong
  • 호 Ho: Means goodness, lake 
  • 호석 Ho-seok: Means symbol of bestowment
  • 호원 Ho-won: Means grand river 
  • 훈 Hoon: Means teaching
  • 희철 Hui-chul: Means strives for wisdom 
  • 혜Hye: Means an intelligent and bright man
  • 현 Hyeon: Means virtuous
  • 혁 Hyuk: Means radiant 
  • 현기 Hyun-ki: Hyun means wise; Ki means astute
  • 현식 Hyun Shik: Means brilliant, smart or clever
  • 현우 Hyun-woo: Hyun means virtuous; Woo means divine intervention
  • 환 Hwan: Means bright 


  • 일 Il: Means superiority 
  • 일생 Il-seong: Il means day: Seong means completed
  • 인 In: Means humanity, wise 
  • 인수 In-Su: Means reserving wisdom


korean name boy

Korean boy names that start with j

  • 재화 Jae-Hwa: Jae means rich; Hwa means prosperity
  • 재인 Jae-in: Jae means talented and respected; In means person
  • 재욱 Jae-Ook: Means talented bright light
  • 지 Jee: Means wisdom
  • 정훈 Jeong-hoon: Jung means proper; Hoon means rank
  • 지훈 Ji-hoon: Ji means wisdom/purpose; Hoon means rank
  • 지민 Ji-min: wisdom heaven
  • 진 Jin: Means jewel, truth 
  • 진혁 Jin-Hyuk: Means shows off treasure 
  • 진기 Jin-ki: Means treasured foundation
  • 진력 Jin-ryuk: Means true power
  • 지군 Ji-goon: Means determined and wise leader 
  • 지용 Ji-Yong: Means determined dragon
  • 주원 Joo-Won: Means original
  • 준 Joon: Means extremely talented 
  • 준우 Joon Woo: Joon means handsome; Woo means divine intervention, protection or rain
  • 점 Jum: Means ruler or king
  • 정 Jung: Means a virtuous man 
  • 정화 Jung-Hwa: Jung means upright; Hwa means rich 
  • 정훈 Jung-hoon: Hung means honest; Hoon means rank
  • 정수 Jung-Su: Means correct river


  • 강대 Kang-dae: Kang means mighty; Dae means strong
  • 관 Kwan: Means one who is strong
  • 광선 Kwang-Sun: Means generally good
  • 경 Kyong: Means brightness


  • 말친 Mal-chin: Means persists to the end 
  • 민준 Min-Jun: Means handsome, sharp, quick and clever; Jun means talented 
  • 명 Myung: Means clear and bright 
  • 명대 Myung-dae: Means great righteousness 

N – Korean Boy Names

  • 남준 Nam-Jun: Nam means southern; Jun means handsome or prince

O – Korean Boy Names

  • 우진 Oo-Jin: Oo means universe; Jin means genuine

S – Korean Boy Names

cute korean names for boys

Korean boy names that start with s

  • 삼 Sam: Means third in order 
  • 상 Sang: Means mutual 
  • 상훈 Sang-hoon: Sang means benevolent; Hoon means rank
  • 상옥 Sang-ook: Sang means one who is always well; Ook means healthy
  • 서준 Seo-Jun: Means auspicious 
  • 석 Seok: Means stone
  • 석진 Suk-chin: Means unshakable rock
  • 승 Seung: Means successor or winning
  • 시우 Si Woo: Si means begin or start; Woo means divine intervention, protection or rain
  • 신 Shin: Means belief
  • 소 So: Means smile
  • 수 Soo: Means long life or excellence 
  • 성호 Sung-ho: Sung means successor; Ho means greatness
  • 성훈 Sung-hoon: Sung means successor; Hoon means rank
  • 성진 Sung-jin: Sung means successor; Jin means truth
  • 성민 Sung-min: Sung means successor; Min means quick/gentle

T – Korean Boy Names

  • 태 Tae: Means a great individual 
  • 태근 Tae-geun: Means foundation or root 
  • 태휘 Tae-hui: Means superior, great, big 
  • 태형 Tae-hyeong: Means exalted, superior, big
  • 태우 Tae-u: Means foolish, stupid, or great and exalted 

W – Korean Boy Names

  • 원식 Won-Shik: Means head of the family
  • 우현 Woo-Hyun: Means superior intelligence

Y – Korean Boy Names

  • 예준 Ye Joon: Ye means art, talent, or craft; Yoon means handsome
  • 용선 Yong-Sun: Means dragon in the first position 
  • 용생 Yong-Saeng: means to live forever
  • 유준 Yoo Joon: Yoo means tenderness, evening, friend, qualified, courage, help; Yoon means handsome
  • 영 Young: Means forever unchanging
  • 영재 Young-Jae: Means stands for one destined to be forever prosperous 
  • 영철 Young-Chul: Young means eternal; Chul means firm
  • 영호 Young-Ho: Young means eternal; Ho means greatness
  • 형수 Young-Soo: Young means eternal; Soo means lifespan

I hope that finding Korean names for boys or Korean names for men is now easier with this post. Or perhaps you are looking to find unique Korean boy names for yourself. 

Would you be interested in other Korean girl names? What are your favorite cool Korean names? Let me know in the comment section below!

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