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  1. Planning a table top
    App 60, table is 47×70
    Will I need entire table?
    Also yes please give suggestion for table protector and budget
    Aldo where can I get the small utensils .. and do you use only edible flowers ?
    thank you
    Penelope – Atlantic Beach Fl

    1. Hello Penelope, for 60 people you can surely do a lot with a table your size! You can find great table cloths on Amazon since you’re in the states. I would search for disposable plastic or vinyl table cloths as they are not only easier to clean but you can place many of your ingredients straight on the cover. If you have time to run to your local party store, there’re usually great options (with mini plates too). Otherwise, online stores like Michaels Craft Store or Amazon will be your best bet. As for the flowers, I use either organic or edible flowers because even if they aren’t consumed, it is safer to put next to items where people eat. I hope this helps. Happy partying! P.s.: Deciding how much food to get depends on if there are other things that will be provided to your guests (such as a meal afterwards or just drinks). But as a general rule of thumb (since charcuterie is not meant to be a full meal), I go for about 2-3 ounces of meat and cheese (which is about 7-8 slices of salami and 4-5 pieces of cheese) with about 7-8 crackers per person.

      But this all can vary depending on the types of cheese, meats, and accompaniments you choose to get. Another way to think of it is: if you have a small appetizer plate (6 inch rounds), try to fill the plate one and a half times for each person. The plate shouldn’t be filled like you’re on a balancing competition (think reasonably). I would say a 6 inch round can put about 3-4 pieces of meat with 2-3 pieces of cheese, a few pieces of assorted fruit, crackers, and pickled sides. Then you simply multiply that amount by 90 (because 1.5 times the amount you need, which is for 60 people, is 90 mini plates of food).

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