challenges for couples to do
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Take these exciting couple challenges that will bring you closer for your next adventure together. Make it a date and challenge each other with prizes or just good old bragging rights. 

challenges for couples to do

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean another night watching another movie with nothing else to do. There are plenty of things you can do at home to spice up date night with fun couple challenges. 

Create excitement and new memories with your special boo with these fun challenges for couples. This is an exciting and meaningful way to get to know your partner on a different level. 



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  • Long distance games. Couples challenge games are the best. Are you in an LDR? That doesn’t mean you can’t participate in some fun virtual games and challenges. You can easily play these games over the phone or video call. I’ve created an article specially dedicated for games couples can play who are in long distance relationships. 
  • The last word. This is a texting challenge and super simple. Essentially one person will start off by texting any random word. The other partner will respond with a word that was inspired by the word (or a word in a similar category) that was just texted. You go back and forth never repeating any of the words texted previously until one person cannot think of a new word. It may sound boring but once you start, it can get pretty challenging and quite hilarious. 
  • Hum that song. This is a melodic challenge where you get to test your partners ability to guess that song you’re humming. I can play this addictive tune game for a while with my husband because we both love music. Sometimes we select a theme or simply go with the flow. The person that can guess the most amount of songs just by humming gets a prize. For us, the prize is always a good back rub. 


couple physical challenges
  • Negativity Challenge. This doesn’t mean to think negative; rather, it is the complete opposite. Try not to think negative thoughts and help each other to think more positively. You don’t want to be in denial about bad or sad events. Being truthful is not the same as being negative. You can say that something is painful because that is the truth, but if it is stemming from a place of fear or negativity, that is negative. This is an opportunity to promote healthy thoughts in your lifestyle because it is so easy to let your mind complain without thinking it’s a big deal. Develop a culture of honor and integrity all while creating a positive space for each other.
  • Push-up Challenge. Working out with your partner can provide incredible satisfaction and great chemistry. The push-up challenge can last longer than 30 days because it is a challenge that helps you increase the number of push-ups you do per day. Essentially, you start with a fixed number of push-ups on the first day (say, 5). Then every day for 30 days you increase 1-2 push-ups. Rooting each other on and keeping each other accountable is a great way to burn those extra calories. Pro-tip: this may sound mushy, but I like to lay my head under my husband’s head so that whenever he comes down for a push-up, I get a quick smooch. By the end of 30 days, that’s a lot of lip work-outs (wink). 
  • Money challenge. This, too, can be a challenge that you can do longer than 30 days. Every week for 4 weeks, set a budget for a specific category for you and your partner to follow. Any money left after the end of each week can go towards the next date night. For example, in the first week, set a budget of $70 for dinner for the entire week. See if you can stay healthy and frugal with just $70. This challenge requires a good amount of planning and communication. It’s also a great way to learn how to budget together as you stay frugal. If you have children, include your kids in this so they, too, can learn the value of the dollar. 
  • 30 day couple challenge list. Are you or your partner one that writes down to-do lists? Then this is certainly the challenge for you. Write down challenges for each other that you can do each day. Here is a small list of themes to inspire you: 
    • Memorize a scripture verse for 30 days
    • Text a love affirmation to the partner every day for 30 days. 
    • Spring cleaning! Write down a room or category to clean each week. 
    • Meal plan — make it Paleo or Whole30 style!
  • Different exercise challenges. For 30 days the object is to conduct a different sport or exercise technique every day. This can range from yoga moves to planks to a new sport. Learning something new every day with your partner is a powerful way to support and bond with each other. 


  • Would You Rather. Take this belly laughing game wherever you might be. I love asking these questions in the car and challenging my husband to try not to laugh. It is so much harder than you think. See who can answer more questions without laughing. 
  • Trivia Questions. Who knows who better? May these questions for married couples bring you laughter and heartwarming moments. Build your special memories with these marriage questions for couples today! Perhaps a reward for the partner that can answer more questions correctly is a special message – in bed. 


challenges to do with your boyfriend
  • Staring Contest. Have you done this when you were kids? I know I have. This is a classic challenge that can get romantic really quick. The game is simple. Stare into each other’s eyes. The first one to blink loses. But here is the twist since it’s about making this exciting and meaningful. As you stare into each other’s eyes, think of what you never would want to change about the other person. The person who blinks shares their answer first. 
  • Try not to laugh aka couple challenges youtube. I have seen this challenge done a million times on youtube. Play any one of the videos that both of you have not seen and see who can hold in a laugh the longest. Loser does the dishes!
  • Try not to cry. Much like its predecessor, trying not to cry is equally as challenging if you are a softy like me. Play any military reunion video and you’ll have me balling into my pillow in no time. Can you handle a video that pulls at your heartstrings better than your partner? See for yourself. I discovered that my hubby is actually quite the softy when it comes to these videos. It’s really adorable. 
  • Undie Swap. You laugh. Try it. Trust me. It is a hoot. To take it to the next level (because i’m all about taking this to the next level) the other partner gets to dress the other person’s outfit. You’ll be thinking of each other all day. 
  • 5 Second Rule. No, I don’t mean the rule where you can eat food off the floor after it has been dropped. This is a game that gained its popularity on the infamous daytime show, Ellen Degeneres. This is a challenge that can be randomly without warning throughout the day or you can dedicate a time to play the game in one sitting. One partner will say, “5 second rule! 3 things that,” then say the topic. For example, “5 second rule, 3 things that you do in bed.” Then the other partner must respond within 5 seconds whatever 3 things it is you’re supposed to answer. If the partner cannot respond within 5 seconds, they must do 5 pushups regardless of where they are at. This challenge can get pretty funny especially if you’re in the middle of the grocery store. 
  • Thrift store challenge. Each person must shop a full outfit from head to toe for the other person. Sounds easy? The challenge is not so much finding an outfit; rather the challenge is finding an outfit on a budget. Can you do it for $10? This is a really creative challenge and can also double as a fun date night!
  • Guess the kiss flavor. This is a saucy challenge. Each couple puts a flavor on the person’s mouth. The other person tries to guess the right flavor by kissing the partner’s lips. I won’t blame you if this challenge ends in bed. 


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  • Whisper challenge. You’ve probably seen these couple challenges on YouTube as it has gone quiet viral. Can you read lips? This is a fun challenge where one partner is trying to guess what the other partner is saying. The catch is, the partner who is guessing has headphones on, making it incredibly difficult to hear what the other person is saying. Take this game to a sexier level by using phrases that make the other person blush. 
  • Which boyfriend does it better? This is a makeup challenge. The man will do the girl’s makeup and the girl cannot coach or say anything to help her partner complete the makeup look. Post it on your favorite social media platform (tag me because I would love to see!) and let the audience vote. To make it extra challenging, the couple that has the most votes buys dessert. 🙂 Yes, the winner buys. 
  • Iron Chef. Have a cook off with another couple that can show off their chops in the kitchen. Cooking is creative and a wonderful way to learn about communication and positive reinforcement while under pressure. I’ll be honest here, I have discovered some of my spicy attitude when cooking with my husband. It is humbling but very rewarding to learn a different level of communication. Since I am a bit of a free-spirit, cooking with someone who can follow directions better than me was an appreciative moment. 
  • Conjoined twins. You’ll need an extra large shirt that will fit both of you. Each person will take an arm and complete the challenge. You can play whatever challenge that requires two hands. Here is a small list of challenges that will make both couples burst with laughter: 
    • Sit-ups 
    • Jumping Jacks 
    • Dance choreograph 
    • Feed each other using the non-dominant hand 
  • Lego speed challenge. This is a great game to play for game night with your couple friends. Each couple selects the same lego set or you can select a different lego set but with the same difficulty level. The first couple to complete their lego set wins. If you’re open to it, you can put a friendly wager. Losing couple buys dessert! 

Do you love challenges for couples? You can always use these fun challenges to do with your friends to keep the competitive spirit alive. 

These challenges are to inspire you to find new ways to communicate, bond, and create new memories with your partner. May these fun challenges to do at home keep your love on!

Do you have a clean challenge you enjoy doing with your partner? Please share with me in the comment section below. 

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